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About the X GYM at Home DVD

Our exercise and nutrition system is different than anything else you have tried. How do we know? Because we invented it! If you think you have tried it all, and even if you have felt like nothing else has worked for you, then you are in for a great surprise!

The X Gym DVD "Exercise Protocol #1" was created by X Gym Owner, Author and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, PJ Glassey. Using over 15 years of professional personal training experience and scientific research, PJ has created a training program that provides proven results with exercising just 20 minutes, twice a week.

In this DVD, PJ takes you through a body weight workout with Corrie as the model, using the “Ratchets” protocol. It is a full-body exercise routine that can be done in your home, office or even a hotel room. All you need is your own body, the DVD, a floor and a wall!

This workout is specifically designed to help you burn fat, gain strength, increase endurance, and tone your muscles (without bulking them up)! You will also learn how to begin to train your brain to think like a fit person, as well as some powerful nutrition strategies to build lean muscles and cut fat fast!



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